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Talladium Tilite Ceramic Dental Alloys with Titanium


Tilite-Alloy-300x300-300x300Use Talladium Tilite Dental Alloy with Titanium instead of gold. It outperforms all others in castability, finishing, oxide formation, porcelain bond and compressive strength.


Product Description

Talladium Tilite Dental Alloy with Titanium is available in 100g packs.

The World’s Best Dental Alloy (read the reviews!)

Talladium Tilite alloys outperform all other non-precious bonding alloys in castability, finishing, oxide formation, porcelain bond and compressive strength.

When comparing Talladium Tilite to their previous dental alloy, Tilite users reported on average:

  • 59% Reduction In Finishing Time
  • 75% Improvement In The Aesthetics Of Their Crowns
  • 68% Better For Porcelain Bond Strength

This study also concluded that:

  • 94% Tilite Users Have Never Experienced A Miscast with Tilite
  • 78% Tilite Users Have Never Experienced Porcelain Cracking

Interestingly, although Talladium Tilite alloy is more expensive than other non-precious alloys on the market, because of its reliability and time-saving properties:

  • 67% Experienced An Increased Profit Margin Per Crown.
  • 28% Reported It Stayed The Same

Guarantees & Features of Talladium Tilite Alloy:

  • 100% Medically Pure and Safe For Implants
  • Medically Certified: FDA Approved, CE Marked and Extensively Tested
  • $5m Insurance Policy Covering Patient, Dentist and Technician
  • An Economical and Viable Alternative to Gold and Non-Precious Metals
  • 4 Different Co-Efficient Alloys To Match All Porcelains On The Market
  • Great Aesthetics – Light Straw Coloured Copings For Natural Looking Crowns
  • Tilite Alloys Outperform All Other Bonding Alloys in Castability, Oxide Formation, Porcelain Bond & Compressive Strength

No one has regretted their decision to switch to Talladium Tilite to date. Start benefiting straight away. Scroll to the top of the page to add 100g to your basket now.

What is Tilite?
“A Medically Pure Ceramic Alloy With Titanium”


Tilite is an alloy used in dental crowns, bridges and implant restorations at Pi Dental Center.  This formula is based on the same science that NASA used in the fabrication of the porcelain fused to metal heat shield for the Apollo Space Program.  Tilite absorbs heat at the same rate as the porcelain, thus eliminating the stress and strain between metal and porcelain creating an excellent porcelain bond.

Tilite has undergone extensive testing for several years and has been proven to be completely safe and meets all FDA requirements for medical devices implanted in the body.  Tilite is the only non-gold alloy that has been approved by the FDA and for ISO certification.

 ISO certification standards relate to quality management systems and are designed to help organizations ensure they meet the needs of customers, reduce waste, increase productivity and create a more efficient, effective operation.

Tilite has a bond strength that is unsurpassed in ceramic alloys.  A study conducted in 1984 confirmed the high compressive strength of porcelain bonded to Tilite.  It outperformed a well-known precious ceramic gold alloy!

Tilite alloy’s thermal resistance to temperature change acts as an insulator for a patient’s tooth pulp, allowing patients to drink hot liquids or eat very cold foods with comfort. Also, the alloy is non-magnetic and will not react to other metals in the mouth or cause pain when touched by metal utensils or instruments.

With over 125 million prostheses delivered to patients world-wide, there has not been a single documented case involving Tilite causing a problem.

Tilite has been used in dental implant supported prostheses since 1984 with 100% success rate.

Pi Dental Center strives to provide our patients with the best products available. Tilite has proven to meet our stringent requirements for excellence.

Tilite is produced by Talladium, Inc., Velencia, CA